Program Objectives

The goal of the EAP program is to prepare students to read, write, speak, and listen to English well enough to succeed in university or college. During the program, students practice academic and language activities that they will encounter during their university studies. Activities include viewing and discussing videotaped lectures, listening and note-taking, practicing academic reading and writing and completing various university examinations. Students will also build critical thinking and research skills and participate in discussions and seminars.

Program setting

The EAP Program consists of six main levels plus a Bridge level; eight weeks each, 25 hours each week, 200 hours per session. Students will be assigned to the appropriate level course after a placement test. Students who successfully complete the 6-level EAP course will enter the designated bridging courses for their undergraduate or graduate program.

After level 6, students will possess the  knowledge and skills to start selected two-year diploma programs at partnership colleges. Students who successfully complete Level 7 (General Bridging) and 8 (Pre-Masters program) are eligible to start their bachelor or postgraduate programs (depending on the partner school’s requirements).

After successful completing our programs, students do not need to pass IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT and will obtain guaranteed admission to partnership schools.

We help students to improve their English skills from beginning (Level 1-3) to intermediate (Level 4-6) level by vocabulary, conversation, reading, grammar, listening, and pronunciation practices.

This 8-week course involves the completion of both in-class work and assignments. The course consists of vocabulary development and academic reading and writing. It provides an integrated, well-rounded program of study in reading, writing, listening and speaking.  During the Friday seminars, emphasis is placed on developing specialized language according to students’ fields of studies.

These courses prepare students to succeed in MBA and MEd programs. Each Pre-Master program provides students with ample opportunities to improve their abilities in the essentials of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Furthermore, students will get trained in their research skills, critical thinking, media literacy, and socio-cultural competence.

This unique pathway program was designed with professors from King’s University College at Western University. Their knowledge of first-year subjects ensures students’ academic success when ICEAP students transition to this prestigious institution after completing this program.

Based on the success of K-Bridging program, ICEAP launched King’s Accelerated Bridge (2-months) in China market for students who have higher English level to enter the fall semester of King’s after Gaokao. It’s a 2 months length program with a challenging workload.

King’s Selected Program (KSP) is a direct path to King’s @Western U through ICEAP in China. Students who are currently in grade 12 in local high schools could take the KSP test in October/November, and they may start to study EAP and/or K-Bridging program in March or May. Then, they are eligible to be admitted into the Year 1 study in King’s @Western U once they graduate from high school without taking Gaokao in China.

Partner Institutions