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"LET'S TALK" Program

“LET’S TALK”(Learn English Towards Success-Talk)is the Only Affordable Private Talk Program in Canada by ICEAP , Sydney NS Canada. Everybody knows the best way to improve English communication ability is to constantly talking with native speaker. That’s why huge number people come to Canada for studying English. However, sitting in classroom with all foreign classmates, and compete for a chance to talk with teachers can really improve your communication ability fast?
Now “LET’S TALK” brings you to a fast track. Besides every day 5 hours normal ESL English training courses, “LET’S TALK” provides English learner with an unique Private Talk & Activities with native speakers, which is two hours a day, five days a week plus, endless Canadian style outdoor activities**. “LET’S TALK” makes you constantly talk with native speakers every day, and soak in English all the time – there are no foreign residence in Sydney. You want to do anything here? Then you have to speak English!
“LET’S TALK” is Fun Activity, Strong Talk Program, which combines classroom study, private talk and fun activities to enhance communication ability, let students learn English by using it, enforce student improve communication ability in our “LET’S TALK” way.

“LET’S TALK” includes:

  • 5 hours classroom study every day – teaching vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing knowledge and skill;
  • Private talk with tutors every day – One teacher covers only three students (or less) enforce students to keep talking with native speakers in hundreds topics, using English in real life through all kind of activities;
  • Weekend Activities – provide more opportunities to using English in real environment to enhance student skill and ability;

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