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Greetings from Cape Breton University President

On behalf of Cape Breton University, I am delighted to offer you a warm personal welcome to Cape Breton Island. Like you, I too am embarking on a new journey as a newly appointed President and I hope you are as excited as me about the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for one of Canada's most ambitious new universities. At Cape Breton University, more than 1,000 international students from over 40 countries call CBU home and we are committed as an institution to each of our students.
Cape Breton University is nationally recognised for its student diversity, focus on sustainability, high academic standards and exceptional student support services, and we have some of the best sports fans, musicians and artists in Canada. All of this, combined with many other exciting aspects of campus life, creates a vibrant university environment for students, and one that we believe will be important to your personal success.
Whether you choose liberal arts, science, business, technology, education, health-related programs or any combination of them, you are bound to enjoy a personalized educational journey during your years at CBU, and honouring that commitment is our pledge to you.
I wish you well in this new adventure that you have embarked upon with the support of your loved ones and look forward to meeting you through your academic and social endeavours.