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One of the first things you will need to do is decide where you want to live, there a few options to choose from and we recommend you speak to a Student Service representative to help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Residence Living at CBU

Residence is available on-campus, which includes a meal plan, all utilities and is walking distance to CBU. There are single rooms or double rooms available, with shared washrooms and laundry facilities. There is a full buffet style cafeteria in the residence complex and is included in the fees for residence and meal plan.
Visiting http://www.cbu.ca/housing-dining see CBU’s Housing and Dining information.


Homestay is a program which places students with Canadian families willing to accept students into their home. International students who wish to immerse in the language, culture and customs of Canada seek Homestay as their accommodation of choice. For a fee, Homestays often offer accommodation, transportation, meals and other benefits of family living. While the Homestay program offers flexible terms to its participants, students, who wish to change their living arrangements, must go through the ICEAP Student Service Department. While the ICEAP will work hard to fulfill all requests, students should be aware that delays may be experienced due to availability of appropriate accommodation. However, students often stay with Homestay families for their entire stay in Cape Breton and make lifelong friendships which provide strong connections for years to come.
In some instances, homestay students eventually prefer to find other accommodation. Some would like to be located on campus and would rather live in residence. Others are ready for independent living and find an apartment with new friends. ICEAP is able to provide advice and information on which type of accommodation suits best.


Another accommodation option is to find an apartment or house off campus, either alone or with roommates. Apartment living offers privacy, independence and the chance to take on new responsibilities such paying your own utilities, taking the bus or driving to school, buying your own groceries and exploring your new community on your own.
Regardless of which accommodation option students choose, ICEAP staff is ready help.


Type Fees (Monthly)
Residence Single Room $621.25
Double Room $450.00
Apartment Style $633.75
Suite $737.50
Super Single $662.50
5 day/week meal plan $462.50
7 day/week meal plan $481.25
Homestay Single Room+3Meal $650.00