Faculty of Arts

•Canadian Studies
•Comparative Religion
•English & Theatre
•Environmental & Sustainability Studies
•History & Classics
•Languages & Literatures
•Political Science
•Women's & Gender Studies

Faculty of Pure & Applied Science

•Computer Science
•Earth & Environmental Science
•Mathematics & Statistics
•Nutrition & Dietetics

Faculty of Professional Studies

•Environmental & Sustainability Studies
•Recreation Management & Community Development

Graduate Programs

•Applied Geomatics
•Computer Science
•M.Ed in Education (Counselling, Curriculum Studies, Inclusive Education or Leadership) . -PhD in Educational Studies (partnership with MSVU and St.F.X.
•Mathematics and Statistics
•Political Science
•Recreation Management
•Social and Political Thought

Masters and PHD programs:

•Master's of Arts (1-yr programs) - English, Political Science, Sociology;
•Master's of Arts (2-yr program) - Social and Political Thought;
•Master's of Education (up to 14 months depending on program) - Counselling, Curriculum Studies, Inclusive Education, Leadership;
•Master's of Recreation Management (2yr program);
•Master's of Science (2-yr programs) - Applied Geomatics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology;
•PhD in Educational Studies, offered jointly with Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax and St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.